Here you'll find details and prices for our work.
All our prices are in SEK including moms/VAT




Photographing an event is all about the story of that day. Preparation and information is very important to us when shooting one. Just so we both know what needs to be shot and what the day will look like. We charge 1.350:- per hour, minimum two hours for one event. That will give you full resolution JPEGs and full stand-alone rights to all the pictures that are delivered. If a third-party would like a picture they can contact us to buy one picture for 750:-

If you need great portraits at your event we also offer a on-location-studio for 2.500:- plus transportation cost via taxi.


The perfect professional portrait that we all need in this day and age to present ourselves. A Headshot-session is 30 to 90 minutes long where we go thru different styles as in clothing and background options. Coaching is a big thing in our headshots, making you look the best in your pictures where we teach you how to squinch with your eyes, do the chicken to make your neckline great and hold the baguette to make your arms look slimmer. We then go thru the shots at the end of the shoot and pick your favourites, and they will be delivered fully edited.

90 min session, 8 pictures.        6.250:-
60 min session, 6 pictures.        4.500:-
30 min session, 3 pictures.        3.750:-

After each session we take 15 minutes to go thru the pictures and pick out the ones you want.

For larger companies with a big staff other options are available via contact.



Do you want something creative, in the outdoors, for social media or for dating? There are so many different types of portraits and styles. So for knowing what you are after is hard to guess. The standard price is around 4.500:- for a 60 minutes session. Contact us so we know better what you want and can set an exact price.




Planing, planing, planing, am I right?
Choosing a photographer is just as important as choosing the colors for your wedding or the flowers for your bouquet that's going to match with the dress and the suit. it has to feel just right.
Contact us by e-mail and we will set up a meeting to see if we are right for you and we will go thru pricing as well as helping you plan your day too see at what time is best for portraits.