Quad Rainbow

This blog post will be about this mineral that I bought in a store called "Kristallrummet" here in Stockholm. So without further-ado here's some pretty pictures.


Rainbow Aura Quartz

This mineral was tricky to photograph, but the amount of great detail it has and different styles one can get from only one of these are amazing. 


Is it Blue?

Depending on what angle I hit it with light it produced a different colour.


Is it Red?

It had a great sunset colour rendition when hit on another angle with the light.


Is it Purple?

It truly did store all the colours of the rainbow.
The mineral is man-made and when combining Titanium and Gold the Quartz is produced.

Editing The Paint Pictures

I thought I'll show some before and after pictures of the shots from my project to show how much work that was actually done on them and what goes on.
One of these images takes around 1-2h depending on how much work needs to be done, example; stretching, cloning, darkening and highlighting specific areas.
The whole process was very enjoyable after I saw the results and what slowly got created.

But a very much important point in making "Creative images" is that a break time between them or in the middle of editing really helps seeing whats wrong and if you've overdone it. Obviously these shots are already "overdone" in a sens but you know what I mean.
This applies to everything, by doing something intensely for hours and trying to focus 100% you'll need a break so you can see the misstakes or misses you've made.

Hope you enjoy the before and after images down below!

Portrait Session: Simon

Photoshop and all that,
A portrait session with Simon

Portrait of Simon

Portrait of Simon

I had a great model shoot with Simon the other day and thought to my self, retouching, people think that photographers now days retouch their images to the extend that you cant recognise the person in it any more.

I try to do my retouching to a minimum if its a portrait, just get it right in camera and then keep it simple in photoshop.

And for all the tech nerds out there, all I used was an umbrella for these shot with speedlights, mixing it with natural light.

So at the end of all this, my message would be that Photoshop is an enhancement tool, not an repair tool.


Photographing Events

Why do I like photographing events?
Well... Its all the delicious fika of course!

But on a serious note its because I can go around in my own thoughts and capture all the moments thats being created around me. I can just go, click, click, click, and capture them for free without any stress. 


And sometimes crazy things happens like this, when a couple of CEO's are doing the marshmallow challenge with a Youtuber in the middle of an serious interview at Grand Hotel.

Have a good week!

Air, Dogs and Trees

A nice walk in the forest will refresh your creativity or energy.
And the best way to push you out the door is to bring a dog or two, three, four, five... Yes I'm a dog person.
So anyways, get out, get some air. And I'm an hypocrite that's sitting inside on my couch while writing this.
And this photo is from yesterdays walk.


Tassa, my neighbours dog

Tassa, my neighbours dog

Lets Talk About: Moments!

Can you stage a moment?
Now that's a question a lot of people have different opinions about.
For me, personally, I would say yes. What if you never got that first kiss at the wedding, putting on the ring or the cutting of the cake. Well, you can re-shoot it. Stage it, do it again. As long as the end-result shows the story, you can get away with it. Because at the end of the day its the shot that the client wants that matters. And, the upside of staging a moment is that you can pose them so they'll look even better. If you put the subjects in a location where that pretty perfect light is coming down on them.

Could you tell that this photo was staged if I told you it was? Or would you have believed that this all happened perfectly on its own?

Could you tell that this photo was staged if I told you it was? Or would you have believed that this all happened perfectly on its own?

Now would you call that a candid moment?
No, of course not.
All you did was positioning them in the ideal spot for you to shoot them in.
You've just put them there and nothing special is happening. Now you'll have to give them some direction. For example tell them to talk about their day, tell them to ask each other what they're excited about or what they're gonna do after all of this is over. And the staging have suddenly become the real moment depending on what direction you gave them.

This post have been more about creating wedding moments but its all applicable in other areas of photography as well, you just have to give the appropriate directions or guidelines to your subjects.

How do you create moments, do you even do it? Or do you think its wrong to do it?
Would love to know what you think!


BTS at Stiller Studios

I shoot some Behind The Scenes at a film recording where a Roman Soldier and a Barbarian fought against one eachother in this huge green screen room for later be composited in to a game engine.
Interesting technic and just shows what technology can do these days and its amazing!