The Art of The Print

Printing, something we simply forget the value of in this digital age we live in.
A picture can never truly be admired the same way on a screen as it would be on a canvas.
That's a big reason why we have decided to print our own images. The quality of the prints are amazing and something we, in the digital era are forgetting the value of. Lets put pictures on our walls, not computer screens with slideshows.


Photographing Events

Why do I like photographing events?
Well... Its all the delicious fika of course!

But on a serious note its because I can go around in my own thoughts and capture all the moments thats being created around me. I can just go, click, click, click, and capture them for free without any stress. 


And sometimes crazy things happens like this, when a couple of CEO's are doing the marshmallow challenge with a Youtuber in the middle of an serious interview at Grand Hotel.

Have a good week!