Editing The Paint Pictures

I thought I'll show some before and after pictures of the shots from my project to show how much work that was actually done on them and what goes on.
One of these images takes around 1-2h depending on how much work needs to be done, example; stretching, cloning, darkening and highlighting specific areas.
The whole process was very enjoyable after I saw the results and what slowly got created.

But a very much important point in making "Creative images" is that a break time between them or in the middle of editing really helps seeing whats wrong and if you've overdone it. Obviously these shots are already "overdone" in a sens but you know what I mean.
This applies to everything, by doing something intensely for hours and trying to focus 100% you'll need a break so you can see the misstakes or misses you've made.

Hope you enjoy the before and after images down below!