Lets Talk About: Creativity!

This is my take on creativity and how I see it.
Creativity is something everyone would like to be more or less, what many people don't understand is that creativity is something that you, personally, will have to practice your self.
Its not a gift that you all the sudden have. Nor is it a something that one day will just be there. It takes practice as in every craft or line of work to become good at it. You can begin by looking at other peoples work to get a sens of "I would like to do something like that".
But remember, like Steve Jobs said "Good artist copy, great artist steal" so steal an idea and make it your own twist on it, just don't copy other people, that's not cool or even better, contact that person you've gotten inspiration from and ask how they got their idea and see if their "creative process" can help you with finding a way to come up with your own ideas.
A creative project can be anything, as long as it fires up the "I'm creating something part of your brain" and you feel good about doing it and when you got that going for you, you'll never want to quit!

How I just started practice to be more creative is to make some smal projects and then have an end goal, and then I'm not talking about the projects like taking care of the dishes and you just postpone it because its so boring. I'm talking about creating a project that has a meaning for you. Because if it hasn't gotten any personal meaning to you, you can just give up, just like those dishes you have waiting for you this evening. (I'm still postponing my dishes...)

So what are you doing to practice your creativity?
Leave a comment or send me a message would love to have a chat about it!

This is also my first blog entry and I hope you'll like it, it will mostly contain stuff like this, my thoughts on different subjects within creativity and photography and if you don't, well... then its not for you!

Here's also a sneak peak at my project that I will have an vernissage of in the near future. (Thats my end goal at least)