The Team

Elias the main photographer and Rasmus the advanced retoucher started Visual Verge together with just a simple mind set - believing in their craft. Specializing in portraying people and documenting events, they make a fast working and professional team. We always strive to exceed themselves and give 110% to our clients (because 100% isn't enough).

Elias Ljungberg Headshot

Elias Ljungberg

Elias has always been interesting in the creative medium, started with music but realised that photography was more for him. He has shot for several years and produced all kinds of work, both for clients, brands and personal.
Elias doesn't press the shutter if he don't see something interesting, then there are of course exceptions but the majority of the time that's how he like to work.

Rasmus Pultz Headshot

Rasmus Pultz

Rasmus has more than 10 years of professional experience working with visual effects. Primarily operating in the area of high-end commercial productions, his work also include feature film projects. This experience gives him an unique skill set as a photographer being able to think outside the box and do advanced post production on whatever is captured in camera.